TRIARENA & Durat al Sahil bids for first project in Oman together

CLIENT: Ministry of Sports Affairs, Sultanate of Oman



The Project consists in the construction, completion and maintenance of Ibra Sports Complex Buildings including west, east, north and south stands with a total built-up area of 7440.00m2.






The scope of work includes offices, media conference hall, match commissioner’s office, referees room, Omani television offices, ROP office, Omaniradio office, stores, ladies &gentlemen´s gymnasiums, STF rooms, security rooms, electrical rooms, VIP Lounge & Majlis, ROP control room, PA control room, studios, press boxes, public & VIP seats, prayer rooms, ticket rooms, toilets, Staircases, etc.  The building is designed with full services, including electrical power, lightings, public address system, fire fighting, plumbing, drainage, etc.

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