Official Business Visit To Iraq

During November 2014, Triarena -with the collaboration of the Spain-Iraq Chamber of Commerce- led a delegation of 40 Spanish companies, from most economic sectors, to a business trip to Iraq aiming to develop the commercial relations between Spain and Iraq by:


  •  Setting up new Spanish companies by promoting their activities in Iraq and establishing new businesses,
  • Forming new commercial alliances with new potential strategic partners.




The Spanish delegation received the Iraqi Vice-Prime Minister, Dr. Saleh Al Mutlaq, in a reception in his honor.





Iraqi Vice-Prime Minister, Dr. Saleh Al Mutlaq, welcomed the Spanish delegation in his country and thanked the companies as well as the organizers for their efforts. He said that Iraq is watching with a considerable interest the Spanish companies working in his country despite the current troubles. The Vice-PM added that the Iraqi government is confident about the future.







Mr. Hassan Al Khayer, CEO of Triarena and President of the delegation, congratulated the new government and conveyed the best wishes of successon behalf of the delegation, in a speech held at the reception.





Mr. Al Khayer also added that the delegation came to Iraq to express the will of Spanish companies to collaborate with the new Iraqi government in order to contribute to the great efforts of reconstructing Iraq and to maintain the bridge between Spain and Iraq. 





A work meeting took place with First Deputy Technical to Baghdad Governorate, Mr. Jassem Mohan Alboukhata, and with his assistants and technicians, to whom the whole delegation was introduced to. Each company presented its speciality. It was with great interest that the Iraqi representatives received the Spanish companies and their propositions. Then, the First Deputy Technical discussed the development projects for Baghdad´s governorate for the next five years. 






The delegation met with Dr. Jassem Abdulaziz Al-Falahy, Ministry Technical Deputy at the Ministryof Environment, where the problems and challenges that Iraq is facing at present were pointed out.



The Ministry of Environment is a new one and the initial contact proved to be encouraging to solve the challenges that Iraq is meeting currently as regard to non-polluting energies in treating industrial and household wastes. 




The ElectricityMinister, Mr. Qassim Mohammed Al-Feh’dawiy, received the Spanish delegation led by Triarena at the Ministry of Electricity. The Minister expressed his satisfaction with the Spanish industries and explained his policy as to the privatization of electricity production as well as the compromise of the Ministry to buy generated energy from investors and private companies for the next 15 years.





A meeting was held with the Health Minister, Mrs. Adeela Hamood Hussein, who discussed, with the delegation, how to reinforce and activate the relationships between the Ministry of Health and the Spanish companies in order to build hospitals and medicine manufactures in Iraq as well as the need to import all types of medical services and devices required in hospitals.









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