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Triarena has been running construction sites in no less than 3 different continents. Our force remains in our aptitude of thinking, designing and realizing modular structures and buildings that can be transported as well as assembled and dismantled elsewhere and at any time.


Our primary interest concerning our on-site workers, subcontractors, shippers, dockers and manufacturers, is their safety. We always work to find the most suitable and adapted solutions to guarantee their security.



 Metal Industry


We believe in sharing and exchanging experiences as well as in long-term collaborations. Our partnerships with URSSA and Integralia made us a reference in the engineering and manufacturing of metal structures. They are engaged in the overall management process of steel structure projects: basic and detailed engineering (workshops and development drawings), supplies, manufacture and surface treatments and on-site erection for steel structure.


All components are transformed, welded and produced in our workshops in Spain and meet European standards. The components are conceived to fit into containers


The high skills and dedication of our partners allow us to find the most adequate solutions to almost all kind of structures - no matter how complicated it might be.

We offer a careful and efficient combination of vanguard engineering and total quality control for successful fulfillment of our works: quality of metal structure products and services carrying out difficult tasks and solving some major  technicalchallenges of our industry.



 Precast Industry


The execution of prefabricated concrete favors the development of reinforced or tensioned concrete structural solutions of high resistance, significant slenderness and fine surface finish. Moreover, it allows to implement an intense quality control and to reach a highly productive rythms. 


At Triarena, we opted for prefabricated concrete for all our constructions. Our partner Norten PH, one of the leading Spanish companies in prefabricated concrete, has largely been contributing to the development of this specific sector

Not only are we producing prefabricated concrete in Spain, but since 2013 we have been running a prefabricated concrete installation in Iraq. This installation consists of one cement plant of 100m3 per hour and another one of 60m3 per hour equipped with a dough mixer, a gantry crane of 25 tonnes and two grantry cranes of 10 tonnes, new-generation machineries to prepare steel framework (automatic bar benders, automatic assembling tables, etc.), a closed steam circuit for concrete curing and a pneumatic circuit for the activation of the moulds vibrators.


The implementation of this installation entailed a considerable investment which was justified by the expanding construction market in Iraq.




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