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Triarena´s Engineering Department is composed of a wide range of engineers of different specialities. This grants us to diversify our sector of activities and to focus on turnkey projects development. 

Our teams follow the works executions and projects planning as well as the human, technical and economic resources.






  • Structural Engineering
  • M.E.P. (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)
  • Concrete Engineering
  • Sustainable Energy



Structural Engineering


Triarena´s activity in steel and prefabricated concrete structures has led us to incorporate a technical office highly specialised in designing and calculating complex structures.


Our technical office has the competence to perform all types of calculations with mathematical models from finite elements (2D or 3D, static or dynamic, linear and non-linear, etc.). Due to our construction vocation and through the support of commercial tools from computer-assisted design (CAD), we also have the capacity to transform the results of theoretical calculations into detailed models that can be used directly to manufacture steel and prefabricated concrete.


Furthermore, Triarena can rely on its alliances with renowned structural design offices such as Carlos Fernandez Casado S.L., one of Spain´s most outstanding companies for designing bridges.




Environment, Energy & Hydraulic


Triarena´s Hydraulic Engineering companies are a national and international reference. Our experience and technical reliability in the fields of water desalination, water supply, sanitation, dams, reservoirs and flood defences, have demonstrated success amongst our clients.




Concrete Engineering


At Triarena, we develop concrete structure manufacturing as well as engineering solutions according to each situation. We consider each case in a specific and customized way. We built up our own concrete plants that allow us to run all kind of mixtures and mortars. Our production can be adapted to meet the requirements of any project as well as the regulations of any country we operate in.


We also count on our skilled and trained staff to adapt the features of the produced concrete to the particular conditions of the place where the constructions are progressing.


For more than 40 years, the precast concrete members of Triarena’s engineering group have been developing fast and simple structures for the execution of works with the highest quality and the minimal delivery time.


Through continuous innovation, we are enabled to present a wide range of products and services that facilitate the implementation of works with specific solutions and thus guarantee the success of our projects.





MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing)


The facilities are an essential part of our work. In our technical department, we carry out full project development and management: from its initial conception to its finalization, including implementation and certification.


We execute electro-mechanical turnkey projects, bringing together a multidisciplinary team such as engineers, architects, planners, purchasing managers, which allows us to develop projects with great efficiency and quality.


Our projects are designed, conducted and installed according to a criterion of maximum quality, efficacy and efficiency. We provide our clients with the newest technological advances and energy efficiency developed in the industrial building sector.



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