Benghazi, LIBYA



Libyan Investment & Development Company (LIDCO)



5.364 spectators


Construction area:

5.710 m2



115x90 m

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The Benghazi multi-sports complex is a 100% prefabricated project. It is an indoor sports center that provides comfort and great visibility conditions. With an oval shape and the main constructive elements coated in white, the prefabricated elements (accesses, toilets, snack bars...) are painted in a colorful range signaling the different entries and leading the spectators to their respective seats.


A two levels building is situated at the west side of the complex to organize the main spaces for sportsmen and officials. With 4 totally independent changing rooms, the multi-sports center offers a great flexibility with the possibility of hosting simultaneous matches or trainings.


The Press area is connected to the conference and changing rooms as well as to the reporters’ reserved seats allowing, in this way, a full coverage of every event taking place.

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