Baghdad, IRAQ



Ministry of Youth & Sports


Master Plan:

71.150 m2


Main football stadium Capacity:

16.000 spectators


Multi-sports complex:

4.575 m2



500 spectators


Outdoor Sport Fields:

10.700 m2


Outdoor Sport Fields:

10.700 m2


Overall Capacity:

1.100 spectators


Swimming pool:

500 spectators



 16.000 m2

785 places


Green areas:

 3.500 m2

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The project aims to create a multi-sports complex for the Al Talaba Football Club that fulfills FIFA standards.


We designed a multi-sports complex that includes outdoor playing fields (a football pitch, two tennis courts, a basketball court and a volleyball court), a multipurpose building (a hotel, sport offices, restaurants and a gym), a covered swimming pool and an indoor sports hall (basketball court, a volleyball court, a futsal pitch and a handball court).


The buildings are connected to each other through the pedestrians’ way. Moreover, each sports complex can be seen from any other structure so users can easily get their bearings throughout the sports city as well as enjoying a modern space within the historic city of Baghdad.

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