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Process Description:


The process will be of low operating costs. The procedure consists of pre-treatment, primary sedimentation, biological treatment by means of an anaerobic process of bio-disks and secondary sedimentation.


Sludge is treated through anaerobic cold stabilization and subsequent drying. The plant includes an operating building and a control one.


The project also includes the design of the following elements:

  • Sand filtering and filtered pumping from the secondary treatment.
  • Flocculation with dosage of aluminum chloride.
  • Automatic sifting under 500 um.
  • Micro-filtration with polypropylene membranes for particles over 0,001 μ m.
  • Reverse osmosis with cellulose acetate membranes for particles over 0,001 μm.
  • Disinfection with sodium hypochlorite.
  • Pumping and distribution to the Irrigation Community (902 m FD f 300).


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