Kut, Iraq



Ministry of Health



 8.210 m2

122 beds

2 floors



372 places


Green Areas:

4.650 m2


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This is an Oncologic and Hematologic Hospital project, near the General Hospital in AI-Karamah, in the city of Kut. The Kut Hospital is located in the southwest of the General Hospital.


The facade is designed with colored prefabricated concrete panels.


The cold air returning from the air conditioned is injected through the facades to prevent their overheating. The prefabricated panels will be hanging on separately from the slab and internal wall of the facade.


This kind of facade –with its passive systems of air conditioning provides the necessary insulation while helping to decrease the energy needed to balance the air-conditioning of the building.


West and east facades have a geometrical ceramic blind to control the sun´s ventilation.

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