Al Hillah – Babil, IRAQ



Ministry of Youth & Sports


Developed Master Plan:

250.000 m2



112,28 x 20,17 m



2.536 spectators


Project State:

Under construction

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These two trainings are part of the Babil Sports City in Al Hillah.

They are situated near the main Stadium and the hotel.


The trainings have a design that reminds the design of the main Babil Stadium.  

They are intended for players, sport coaches and managers who will be the audience.


Both fulfil FIFA´s requirements.


The West training´s grandstand offers 526 standard seats, whereas the East training´s grandstand offers 1618 standard seats as well as 392 VIP and Authorities seats.


The grandstands´ structure is metallic, formed by rolled drawn steel profiles. 19 porticos support the precast concrete grandstand and the textile roof.


Each training is provided with an athletic track that fulfils IAFF´s requirements.


Four dressing rooms, administration area and as well as different accesses and areas can be found below the stands.

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