Triarena Team Visiting Libya Part 1


After Libya crisis in 2011 and emergency stopping of all ongoing projects, TRIARENA has been officially invited to come back and carry on remaining projects in TRIPOLI, starting with River Stadium.



River Stadium: 


- 4852 spectators

- 3.172 m2 construction area

- Steel modular roof cover structure



Led by CEO, Triarena team has spent 2 weeks in Libya in order to achieve full diagnosis of current state of construction’s sites along with client’s engineers and to elaborate solutions.

Several meetings were held; First with His Excellency Prime Minister Mr. Fayez Sarraj, Mr. Ziad Ali Gherera Minister of Youth and Sports and his cabinet, Mr. Mohammad Zarroug Chairman of Libyan Sports Facilities State Co. with ODAC and LIDCO in order to find solutions for technical, juridical and financial issues and to elaborate a route plan for finishing the remaining works.

As a reminder the River Stadium is an old velodrome restructured to host a football field. However, the field was partially covered by an obsolete roof in a critical condition. 

In order to meet FIFA requirements, Triarena refurbished 90% of the stadium and its facilities before works interruption; dismantling the old structure, changing the roof, extending the grand stands, the VIP facilities and the football field as well as developing a master plan in order to solve circulation and security issues.





  • River Stadium Site visit for inspection and evaluation

  •  Meeting with Ministry Of Youth and Sports of Libya in presence of Libyan Sports Facilities State Co. Chairman to communicate Triarena analysis and solutions where future opportunities were developed besides the ongoing projects.




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