Meeting Between Triarena and Iraqi Minister of Youth & Sports


Iraqi Minister of Youth & Sports, Mr. Abdul-Hussein Abtan received Triarena´s delegation in his office in Najaf.


They discussed the different possibilities to overcome the difficulties due to the financial crisis the country is facing and the obstacles to the completion of Al Rusafa Stadium in Bagdad.


The Minister and Triarena´s delegation sought solutions to speed up the construction of Al Rusafa Stadium as it is considered as one of the most important stadiums of Bagdad.


During the meeting, Triarena´s CEO, Mr. Hassan Al Khayer, exposed to the Minister, to the General Director of the Engineering Department at the Ministry, Mr. Ali Fakhruddin as well as to the  advisers and counselors attending the reunion, the different problems faced during the construction process. Both parties have agreed to a greater cooperation in order to continue the work and to finish it in due time.

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