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Through our alliances, we have created a group that demonstrates experience and knowledge within the different areas of the transports sector: railway sector, air sector, ports and dams, highways and bridges. 

Our group supply each project with the necessary management required. Our task starts with the preliminary studies and the master plans, continuing through the construction process by providing consultancy and management and finally ensuring the commissioning, operation and maintenance.


Each partner for this sector is identified by its experience, achievements, quality of executed works and professionalism. In Triarena, we have some of the finest Spanish companies, specialized in railway and airline industry, esteemed for their advanced technology nationally and internationally.





Our group has a broad experience in the planning of airport systems. We have contributed to the designs of various airports projects, in Spain and abroad, and have shared our know-how and experience with other companies.






Since Spain has known an impressive technological boom in the railway activity during the last years, our group is therefore able to grant dynamic high-technology knowledge in this sector.


We supply each project with the necessary management required: master plans, planning, execution of works and delivery of electrical and mechanical engines.




Ports And Dams


With more than 20 dams built every year since 1975, Spain has 1172 dams to this day. With such a substantial experience, our partners have a valuable understanding and expertise within this field.




Highways and bridges


The Spanish motorway network is the fourth largest one in the world after the United States, China and Canada. In the last decade, more than 16.000 kilometers of highways were built, fast tracking thus Spanish companies among the leading companies of the world.




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