"Simplicity is the ultímate sophistication"

Leonardo da Vinci

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Our Strength

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It’s been now several years since Triarena was founded.


Thanks to the faith and means of Triarena´s  founders as well as the imagination and patience of the young talented staff, many challenges and obstacles were faced and overcome.


Every year this adventure continues to attract new partners. Smart and skilled architects, engineers as well as selected personnel come to join us in order to fulfill the expectations of our expanding clients and to ensure them with the quality of execution and the respect of schedule and budgets.


Triarena believes in the spirit of sharing and exchanging experiences as values and means to grow safer, healthier and faster. Thus, every time there is an opportunity to integrate new partners and assimilate different points of view, we do not hesitate to share the work. This is how we go on: we innovate and incorporate new technologies to find adapted solutions to future serious preoccupations.


One major issue that our world faces is the limited resources of our planet which lead us to assume the responsibility and to exert the necessary efforts to preserve them. Our convictions commit us to guarantee and provide quality and safety as well as respecting our environment. This is why, each year, we are increasingly turning toward environmental projects.”








We present fast methods of building in short periods of time anywhere in the world. We provide management during all phases of construction; engineering, design, procurement etc. We always keep in mind our fundamental objective: satisfy our client.

Our consultancy services consist in advising companies wishing to establish themselves in the Middle East as well as advising foreign investments in Spain by guiding their clients in identifying their business and investment´s aims. This also includes services in terms of seeking and obtaining funding.

We offer either direct advising or counseling through our partners in the acquisitions of companies and assets situated in the Middle East and in the generation of strategic alliances interlinking national and international companies.

Creation and imagination; innovation and new technologies; skills and patience; audacity and rigor; respect and generosity…This is what motivates us and what we enhance.

We reckon the importance of human contacts and communication: we consolidate our relationships with our partners and staff and we rely on them to complete each project successfully. We have formed a proficient management team as well as a qualified staff that have the capacities of facing and resolving the diverse construction demands of the international market. 

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